Samuel John Pottorff is a from San Clemente, California, born October 19, 1995. He has a little brother, Levi, and two older sisters, Mia and Chloe. He was diagnosed with diabetes. He was bullied and eventually got tired of school and dropped out. He has been making youtube videos with his best friend, KIan Lawley, since they were about 14, starting on kiansam13 and Kian's main channel, @superkian13
Fetus Sam and Kian

Fetus Sam and Kian

He has been apart of O2L since the beginning. His favorite drink is Arizona, and his favorite color is dark blue,or green. He currently has a half lower sleeve of tattoos, and a tattoo on his rib, and now a anchor on his shoulder blade, also one on his right thigh that says," just 4," and one on his right collar bone and one on the inside of his lip. If you watch one of his recent videos ( called My Tattoos) he explains all of his tattoos, except his diamond one, which no one knows about. He lives with his best friend Chris,in LA. Sam has been apart of Magcon and many other things. Sam is an insomniac, and sleeps all the time. Sam loves to spend time with his family, especially Levi.


Sam is known for dating Acacia Brinley/Clark, and Mackenzie Lopez and another anonymous girl that is believed to be named Bre (Last name unknown) . Sam likes to eat, which he states a lot. He wants to continue making videos until he is forced to stop. Sam has a large fan base of 1.1 million (Twitter followers). Sam's videos are often very talkative, and funny.

After O2LEdit

After O2L, Sam continued to vlog by himself. Later he meet a Dutch woman by the name of Rosa Van Iterson and married her in March 2017. He later moved in with her parents and is currently staying as a tourist. He stated he is fixing his residential status to allow him to live and work in the E.U.

He also has a nice butt ! 😂👌🏻


Young Sam


Little Sammers

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