Kian LawleyEdit

Is the most sexiest person in this entire universe. (Well, besides Jc)

He is literal perfection.


1. he was born on September 2 1995

2. his full name is Kian Robert Lawley

3. his birth sign is virgo

4. his favorite color is blue

5. he loves jamba juice

6. he has a dog named hazel

7. he lives in a shoe with Jc Caylen (Ricky recently moved out)

8. he use to date Andrea Russet.. but now dedicates his life to being a fire fighter in outer space.

9. he has 2 sisters and 2 brother and 1 brother/sister (shes an odd one she is)

10. he stars in a horror movie coming out in the summer of 2015 the trailer is already out and the world movie premier in the summer of 2015. He plays the main character called Cameron who has to save his niece from a child snatching demon

11. he loves arizona tea and frozen yogurt.

12. he has a penny board, which he calls Ghost.

13. SWEET and he's pretty good looking too ;)

14. Kian had 4 cats Pumpkin, Mila, and Charlie

15. his best friend is Jc Caylen.

16. Kian shared a youtube channel with one of his close friends Sam Pottorff called superkian13

17. His favorite movie is Tangled.

18. He is in love with Daisy Nunez. He loves her very much and she loves him just as much.

19. And his current girlfriend is very low-key , her name is Mary Jane Martinez , she is a social media star , but recently got hacked and lost 87k Followers,and now starting fresh . IG @Maryshaaane

After O2LEdit

Kian and JC later collaborrated on a channel called simply KianandJC. Fan girls immeadiately shipped them calling them Jian. Both have entered the acting industry and continue to vlog. Kian usually teams up with My Genuine Find frontman, Bobby Mares. JC usually teams up with Dominic DeAngelis, a vlogger. Both have become more risqué and adult in their videos.