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Connor Franta was born in Wisconsin on September 12th, 1992, but moved to a small town in Minnesota
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as a child. Between his two brothers Dustin and Brandon, and his only sister Nicola, Connor is the second youngest child in his family. He grew up to be a wimpy child back in Oregon when his parents would take their children to the mall. He ended up joining a swimming club in highschool. Where he excelled and made many good friends.

Connor started his main channel on Youtube on August 21st ,2010 and his first video was called "A HARRY POTTER BIRTHDAY". On July 2012, Connor joined a new collab named Our2ndLife, featuring Jc (Justin) Caylen, Ricky (Richard) Dillon, Trevor (Little Trevie) Moran, Sam (Samatha)  Pottorff, Ricardo Ordieres (who later left due to his radio job), and now Kian (Keen the Bean) Lawley. Our2ndlife is now Youtube's biggest collab channel with over 1.6 million subscribers. A few weeks before his collab channel reached 1,000,000 subscribers, Connor reached his 2 million subscribers goal by himself on his main channel. He even recorded his reaction on his channel (for 1 millon subs), ending it with expressing how much he loves the people who supported or helped him throughout his entire youtube career. He continues to make regular videos on both Our2ndlife and his own channel while attending college in Los Angeles

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